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Welcome to a New Path to Wellness and Team Success

At BEST803, we’re not just about fitness; we’re about transforming lives and workplaces. Our corporate wellness program offers a fresh approach to wellness, perfectly blending personal growth with professional development. Designed for dynamic companies like yours, our program transcends traditional boundaries, setting new standards for well-being in the corporate world.

Our Roots: Built on a Legacy of Excellence

With nearly two decades of experience, BEST803 has guided countless individuals and teams toward healthier, more fulfilling lives. From the bustling offices of North America to the lively locales of Latin America, our program is a testament to our enduring commitment to enriching lives through tailored wellness strategies.

Our Approach: Putting People First

We believe true growth involves nurturing the body, mind, and spirit together. That’s why our programs are crafted around the human element, ensuring they meet the unique needs of each participant. Whether it’s rekindling team spirit or supporting individual wellness journeys, we personalize every aspect to align with your goals.

Expert Collaboration:

We combine the expertise of seasoned wellness professionals to deliver a holistic and multidisciplinary approach. Our workshops and activities are designed to enhance teamwork, making every session a stepping stone towards a stronger, more cohesive group dynamic.

Boost Teamwork and Communication

Good teamwork lies at the heart of every successful business. Our activities are tailored to improve communication, collaboration, and problem-solving among team members, paving the way for shared success.

Elevate Employee Morale:

A positive workplace is key to maintaining high productivity and job satisfaction. Our engaging and motivational programs boost morale, helping team members feel valued and connected.

Drive Productivity and Engagement: Healthy, motivated employees are more productive and engaged. Our comprehensive approach supports all facets of wellness, helping your team manage stress, enjoy their work, and achieve a balanced life.

Join Us and Transform Your Workplace

Embrace a program that goes beyond the basics. Our corporate wellness program is specifically designed for high-stress environments, offering strategies to help you and your team excel and thrive. It’s more than a program—it’s an investment in your team’s health, happiness, and success.

Start your journey to a better workplace today. Experience the difference with BEST803, where well-being and professional success go hand in hand.




Improves Employee Health Behaviors

Wellness programs also have been shown to help employees alleviate and better manage the symptoms of depression, improving their overall wellbeing.


Improves Employee´s Health

Wellness programs encourage employees to eat healthy foods and exercise, reducing the risk of long-term health problems and helping them feel more energized and happy throughout their work days.


Increases productivity

By participating in wellness programs in the workplace, employees remain focused on maintaining healthy behaviors like exercise, which is shown to improve sleep and increase productivity in the workplace.


Improves Employee Engagement

When companies create a culture focused on employee wellness, they typically have a more engaged workforce.


Reduces Stress Levels

By creating a wellness program that's focused on reducing stress in the workplace, you can improve your team's performance and employee retention.


Improves Morale

A wellness program can help improve the morale of your entire team, as participating in one can create feelings of satisfaction among employees.


Improves Attendance

When employees feel healthy and morale is good, they're more motivated to come to work and perform at their best.


Reduces Healthcare Costs

Wellness programs can result in measurable savings for a company in the form of reduced healthcare costs.


Improves Teamwork

Taking part in wellness activities outside of the workplace can also help with team bonding and camaraderie, which further improves communication and collaboration in the workplace.


Attracts New Talent

Research shows that many job candidates include wellness programs on the list of benefits that are extremely important to them.


Employee Retention

Having wellness programs to help employees work towards personal goals increases loyalty and makes employees feel valued and appreciated.

Our mission is audacious and clear: To revolutionize workplaces globally, cultivating environments where employee morale and personal health take center stage, transcending borders to impact organizations worldwide.

We're driven by a relentless pursuit to elevate employee morale and prioritize personal well-being, seamlessly intertwining professional excellence with the foundational principles of health and fitness.

As the pioneer and sole provider of our unique product in these regions, we are committed to raising the bar and igniting a new standard of leadership, fostering environments where both individual well-being and community values thrive.Join us on a journey of excellence, where empathy, growth, and collective achievement form the cornerstone of our ethos, whether for individuals, teams, or larger organizations.

Together, let's embark on a path towards a brighter, healthier future.

Our vision is to pioneer a global movement in wellness, transcending geographical boundaries to bring transformative health and fitness solutions to every corner of the world.

We strive to make a profound local impact through our comprehensive and adaptive wellness programs, tailored not just to the needs of organizations but also to the unique cultural and environmental contexts in which they operate.

We envision a world where every organization, regardless of its size or location, has access to top-tier wellness expertise, blending the latest in fitness and health innovations with local insights and practices.

Our commitment is to create a healthier, more vibrant global community, one organization at a time, fostering environments where both individual and collective well-being are prioritized and celebrated.

In achieving this vision, we ain to be at the forefront of the wellness revolution, setting new standards for health and fitness across the globe while ensuring that our impact resonates deeply and positively in every community we touch.

Outdoor Training Programs

Utilizing natural landscapes for team building activities, enhancing physical training with the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors.


Custom Tailored Fitness Programs

Fitness programs can include anything from on-site training, reimbursement for gym memberships and fitness classes. We have partnered up with multiple fitness local gyms to bring the best value and experience to for you and your talent.


Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs can help employees lose weight and adopt healthier eating habits. These programs often include nutrition education and weight loss goals.


Stress Management Programs

Stress management programs help employees learn how to cope with stress healthily.


Smoking Cessation Programs

Smoking cessation programs help employees quit smoking and adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Free Workshops

Employees will appreciate the chance to learn more about how to improve their health, and they’ll be more likely participate if they feel like they’re being supported.

At BEST803 we believe that our strength lies in our diversity and expertise. Our team is a blend of passion, experience, and commitment to wellness and professional development. Meet the visionaries making us a leader in transforming wellness across the globe:

Kathy Mora


Kathy Mora, a cornerstone of the dynamic BEST803 team, uniquely blends her multi-award-winning corporate expertise, having consistently surpassed quotas and demonstrated exemplary leadership, with a profound passion for boxing fitness and holistic wellness. Her remarkable track record of coaching hundreds of employees towards enhanced performance and strategic guidance underscores her innate ability to inspire and elevate those around her.

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Jairo Loefstop


Simultaneously, he's navigated a successful full-time career, seamlessly blending his corporate responsibilities with his role as a founder and coach at BEST803. Now almost age 40, he leads by example, demonstrating the feasibility of balancing a demanding career, personal wellness, and family life. His story is a testament to the synergy between corporate success and fitness leadership, embodying the holistic wellness ethos BEST803 stands for.

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Genesis Martinez

Head Coach

Genesis Martinez, whose distinguished career as a national athlete and commitment to personal development have made her an inspiration to many, joins forces with Kathy Mora & Jairo Loefstop whose experience in creating successful corporate partnerships has transformed the way companies approach employee wellness.

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Elevate Your Wellness and Strategy with the BEST803 Team: Pioneering a New Era of Corporate Excellence

Elevate Your Wellness and Strategy with the BEST803 Team: Pioneering a New Era of Corporate Excellence

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Eric Valderrama
Digital Cloud Solution Architect Leader at Microsoft | Channel Sales, Leadership

Katherine is very eager to learn, her desire to achieve made her be a top performer in the team I led, she was a passionate person about networking and strategic relationships that could increase business leading to great results, with great communication and analytical skills she can over perform in any role.

LinkedIN Recommendations

Robert Loria
Sales/Business Development, Entrepreneur, Owner of Outlet Exclusivo

I highly recommend Kathy for any position that requires a combination of great communication skills, responsibility, strategic thinking, and fast learning abilities. Throughout our time working together, Kathy consistently demonstrated exceptional communication skills, effectively conveying ideas and collaborating with team members. She takes ownership of her tasks with a high level of responsibility, ensuring deadlines are met and tasks are completed to the highest standard. Kathy's strategic thinking abilities are evident in her approach to problem-solving and decision-making. She has a knack for analyzing situations from various angles and devising innovative strategies to overcome challenges. Overall, Kathy's combination of communication prowess, responsibility, strategic thinking, and fast learning capabilities make her an outstanding candidate for any role. I have no doubt that she will excel and positively contribute to any organization fortunate enough to have her on board.

LinkedIN Recommendation

Cesar Delgado
Head of Global Scaled Services at Prime Video & Amazon Studios

I’ve worked with Katherine in the past and I can say that I she is hard working individual that sets herself clear goals that impact the business positively. She is tenacious and could only provide good results to any endeavor she sets herself to. Anyone will be happy to have her on their team.

LinkedIN Recommendation

Gene Slattery
Assurance IQ, Battlefield to Boardroom

It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend Katherine Mora Roman for a number of positions including but not limited to; Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Arts, Social Networks and E-Commerce Solutions. I directly supervised her at WAM & Ramada Condominiums, and was continually impressed with how she not only got the job done, but came up with innovative ways to increase sales while building long-term relationships and good will with clients. I have also contracted her services for my company Optimized Marketing Strategies, LLC and continue to be impressed with her professionalism and positive attitude. Katherine is one of the most driven, dedicated sales and marketing representatives I have ever met. She has a competitive spirit, but never does anything under handed to get a client. Always with an eye on the long-term objective, her goal is to seek out and engage prospects and clients for the long term relationships. Her customer service is some of the best I’ve seen. During the two years she worked under me, Katherine set the sales bar very high and also helped her coworkers to increase their sales. She is a true “Team Leader”. Katherine is polished and engaging without appearing slick or rehearsed. Both qualities that are hard to come by in sales and marketing representatives. She is very fun to be around, and never seems to run out of energy. She has a great sense of humor, and a sharp wit. I miss having her on my sales team and would hire her again in a heartbeat. Please feel free to call or email me if you would like more information.

LinkedIN Recommendation

Robert Berger
Chief Revenue Officer at 360factors Inc.

Katherine has always excelled at working with customers to identify and provide the right type of training to make them successful. She is driven and resilient in how she approaches her customers to make sure they get what they need.

LinkedIN Recommendation

Miguel Nouel
Service Business Development Manager at TDSynnex

Kathy is one of the best sales people I know, her approach is both aggressive and effective, she can definitely handle the most complex sales and establish lasting business relationships.

LinkedIN Recommendation

"89% of workers at companies that support well-being efforts are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work."

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