Kathy Mora

Kathy Mora, a cornerstone of the dynamic BEST803 team, uniquely blends her multi-award-winning corporate expertise, having consistently surpassed quotas and demonstrated exemplary leadership, with a profound passion for boxing fitness and holistic wellness. Her remarkable track record of coaching hundreds of employees towards enhanced performance and strategic guidance underscores her innate ability to inspire and elevate those around her.

  1. Kathy's distinguished career is highlighted by her success in forging impactful partnerships with global industry leaders such as National Instruments, General Motors, Tech Data, Hewlett Packard, Cisco to mention a few, providing her with an expansive view of corporate wellness and personal development. This experience, combined with direct interactions with CEOs and key decision-makers, has equipped her with invaluable insights into boosting organizational health and performance.

Beyond her corporate accolades, Kathy's dedication to fitness and wellness is demonstrated through her diverse certifications, including Piloxing Knockout, Booty Builder, SSP, and as an ACOBOX Level 3 certified coach. Further enhancing her credentials is her status as a health coach from the world’s #1 integrative nutrition school, IIN New York, and her recognition as a Box 'N Burn certified elite trainer, personally trained by Tony Jeffries, signifying her commitment to the highest standards of training and client support.

Together with the rest of the BEST803 team, Kathy leverages this extensive knowledge and passion to create innovative wellness programs. These programs, known for their comprehensive approach, are tailored to cater to the nuanced needs of both individuals and corporations, aiming to foster an environment where well-being and productivity are harmoniously aligned for sustained success. Kathy's vision and leadership are instrumental in steering BEST803 towards redefining the landscape of wellness and corporate performance, making her an indispensable asset to the team and the broader community they serve.