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Are you in Costa Rica and seeking an engaging, vibrant personal boxing or strength training experience?

Our boxing & fitness workouts are an ideal complement to your holiday schedule or everyday life!

Our enthusiastic and expert trainers are committed to guiding you towards achieving your health and fitness objectives.
Onsite & Remote Services Now Available
The Best Boxing, Fitness & Strength Training Sessions in Costa Rica!

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Lose fat


Increase strength


Improve reflexes




Mental strength


Core stability


Boost your stamina


Have a good time


More confidence


Better coordination


Better Speed


Body awareness


Home and Office Gym Design

You ask, we create. We design customized outdoor training programs tailored to your lifestyle and fitness goals. 🏡 : We offer comprehensive design services for home or office gyms, fully personalized with the right machines and proper equipment. Our solutions include virtual personal sessions to ensure you get the most out of your setup.



1:1 BOXING MITTWORK provides personalized boxing training tailored to your individual needs, enhancing skills, reflexes, and cardiovascular health. Sessions are designed for all ages, with modifications for the elderly to ensure safety and effectiveness. Our experienced trainers offer immediate feedback and customized drills, perfect for any skill level, promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle for everyone.

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Customized Fitness Solutions - Let's Talk

Elevate your fitness journey from the comfort of your home with our Personalized Monthly Programs, tailored specifically for remote individuals. Our co-founder crafts unique workout plans based on your goals, preferences, and the equipment you have available. Each month, you'll receive a new program designed to keep you motivated, challenge your limits, and deliver measurable progress. Perfect for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals with flexibility, guidance, and support, no matter where they are. Transform your fitness routine with our bespoke remote training solution.

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Piloxing Booty, SSP & Knockout

Step into the dynamic world of "Pilates SSP," a premier Piloxing® program that merges Pilates, Boxing, and Dance into an exhilarating workout. This unique combination enhances your physical fitness, keeps your energy high, and ensures every session is fun and engaging. It's the perfect choice for anyone eager to transform their workout routine into an exciting, multifaceted fitness adventure.

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Corporate Wellness Program

Boost your organization's performance and employee well-being with our Corporate Wellness Programs. Tailored to the modern corporate landscape, our offerings promote fitness, nutrition, mental health, and stress reduction. We provide personalized workshops, interactive fitness challenges, and continuous support, enabling your team to achieve optimal health. This initiative not only cultivates a more energetic and productive work environment but also contributes to a positive corporate culture. Partner with us to create a wellness-focused workplace that benefits your employees and your business alike.

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Outdoors Training

Dive into our Outdoor Training Services and transform your workout routine with the energizing backdrop of nature. Our expert-led sessions are crafted to improve your physical strength, flexibility, and endurance, all while you breathe in fresh air and enjoy stunning views. Perfect for those seeking an invigorating exercise experience outside the gym. Join us to discover the power of nature in achieving your fitness goals!

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Boxing Merchandise

Step into the ring with our premium Boxing Merchandise, offering a wide selection of gear for enthusiasts and professionals alike. With exclusive distributor and wholesale pricing options, we're equipped to serve businesses of all sizes. Our range includes everything from gloves and pads to apparel and accessories, crafted for performance and durability. Contact us directly for detailed pricing and partnership opportunities, and elevate your inventory with top-tier boxing equipment tailored to meet the demands of your customers.

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